Let us share with you the news from our Pallottine Fathers, Brothers, and Sisters as they bring help and hope to thousands of children and families around the world and here at home.

St. Vincent Pallotti College in India

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Dear Friend of St. Jude,

Your compassion for the poor is an extraordinary blessing! Thank you for faithfully serving Christ who comes to us in the poor.

Today Christ comes to us for help in the faces of impoverished children in Kattoor, India. I hope you will open your heart again to our Pallottine Sisters who serve these children in this coastal area of Alappuzha. Sister Judy Cheruvally describes the situation…

Dear Fr. Peter,

In our community, most people earn their livelihood by fishing, but in the rainy season, there are no jobs or money. Families live with a below average income. Before we arrived, the youth just wandered without any aim in life. They were addicted to alcohol and drugs and got involved in all kinds of vicious behavior. After speaking with the youth and their families, we understood that there was a need to open a school to provide education and job skill training to the socially and economically backward children of discriminated fisherman.

We trusted in God’s providence and began the St. Vincent Pallotti College. To our surprise, within a short period, 80 youth enrolled themselves for studies. As the students were increasing day by day, we were compelled to have a better building. With the help of contributions, we were able to construct 13 classrooms with two restrooms, two office rooms, and a staff room. This academic year, we are expecting more than 100 new students!

At present, we are facing a shortage of finances. Our entire school shares two old computers, so we would be very grateful to receive help to establish a computer lab in our college. We would like at least 10 computers and to equip the lab and offices with furniture. The cost of these items is 601,000 rupees, or about $9,225 U.S. dollars.

We will be forever grateful to you, dear Father, for any help you can send to us.

With love and best regards,

Sr. Judy Cheruvally

Pallotti CollegeWill you please open your heart for our Pallottine Sisters by offering your prayers and a financial gift for their work? Your gift today will help us provide a computer lab for these disadvantaged students, along with a quality education and a chance for employment and a better life.

St. Jude brings help and hope to us in our time of need. Through his powerful intercession with the Lord, people who feel hopelessness find strength in difficult situations. I urge you to embrace the power of St. Jude’s miraculous intercession by sending your prayer intentions to us. We will include them in our prayers, Novenas and Masses.

Thank you in advance for helping us with this urgent project at our St. Vincent Pallotti College in India, and for touching the lives of so many who struggle with poverty and oppression.

You can count on me to seek God’s hope and help on your behalf and those who are dear to you. Also, when I say my prayers, please know that some of my most thankful prayers to God will be for you.


Wishing you the Hope of St. Jude,  

Fr. Peter Sticco, S.A.C.
Novena Director

P.S. Your gift today helps support all our ministries, particularly our St. Jude Shrine and the poor we serve around the world. Please be as generous as possible and be sure to send  your prayer requests, so they can be remembered in the prayers, Novenas and Masses at our Shrine and in daily Mass that is celebrated on St. Jude’s tomb in the Vatican.   

Author: Fr. Peter Sticco

Fr. Peter Sticco, S.A.C. is the Novena Director of the St. Jude Shrine in Baltimore, MD.