Christmas Blessings

Stained glass Nativity

The Christmas Hope of Mary

Dear Friend of St. Jude, What inspiring words for us to hear as we begin our Christmas preparations!  Every day, we hear about people looking for hope – for COVID to dissipate, for a vaccine or a reliable treatment, for more businesses to open safely, and for new jobs for people who lost their livelihoods….

Christmas Nativity

A Christmas Message of Hope

Dear Friend of St. Jude, At Christmas I think about the poverty into which Jesus was born… about his parents seeking shelter because they were homeless on the day of his birth. Even so, they were hope-filled by the conviction that God was always with them, guiding them and taking care of them even in…


The Coming of Christ

Dear Friend of St. Jude, As we prepare to celebrate the coming of Christ, I am reminded of the millions of people in the world who have never heard of our Savior’s birth, nor have they experienced God’s glorious love made visible in the newborn Jesus. Thanks to your ongoing support of our mission, we…

Stained glass Nativity

The Good News of Christmas

Dear Friend of St. Jude, This Christmas we will hear these words proclaimed in the Gospel reading – “Do not be afraid; for behold, I proclaim to you good news of great joy that will be for all the people … A savior has been born for you who is Christ and Lord.” – and I…

Angel prayer card

The Christmas Angels

Dear Friend of St. Jude, During this Christmas season, we are especially grateful for your gracious spirit of giving which helps us share Christ’s love for all people. You are an indescribable blessing to our mission and ministries! Many symbols remind us of Christmas…among them, the manger, the star and the angels who foretold events…

Stained glass Nativity

A Christmas Blessing

Dear Friend of St. Jude, In the days of Jesus’ birth, shepherds were often on the outskirts of society. They were the least likely to be chosen as the first to greet Jesus, yet they immediately responded to God’s Word from the angels and rushed to find the Savior. This Christmas I pray that we, too,…

Stained glass Nativity

The Gift of Prayer

Dear Friend of St. Jude, At Christmas when I look at a beautiful Nativity scene, my heart is filled with love for the Holy Family. I am reminded how our Savior came to us, born into a world of poverty, oppression and injustice, and how Mary and Joseph were homeless, cold, hungry and in search…

St. Jude's face

A Prayer for the New Year, 2016

Dear Friend of St. Jude, In gratitude for all you have done for our Pallottine ministries, I would like to offer you our 2016 St. Jude Shrine Calendar. Please sign our Guest Book and put “Calendar” in the comment box. The calendar highlights feast days that are important to our Catholic faith. I encourage you to…

Christmas at St. Jude Shrine

See the Face of Jesus in our Neighbors

Dear Friend of St. Jude, Thank you so very much for your faithful support of our Pallottine priests and brothers and our mission to serve the poor. Your works of mercy in St. Jude’s name have been an answer to the prayers of so many hopeless people around the world. As I reflect on Pope…

Baby Jesus in the Nativity at St. Jude Shrine

The Gift of Love at Christmas

Dear Friend of St. Jude, When your heart pours out the gift of love, there is no greater or more satisfying gift to give or receive.  After the excitement of the holidays settles down and the twinkling lights are turned off, isn’t it the love we’ve experienced that brings the most Christmas joy? We Pallottines…