Father Peter’s Monthly Message

Whenever I look at the glorious
image of a Nativity scene, my heart
fills with love for our holy family.”
– Father Peter

Fr. Peter

Dear Friend of St. Jude,

During this Christmas season, we are especially grateful for your gracious spirit of giving and love of the poor, which helps us share Christ’s love around the world. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your compassion, kindness and generosity!

Whenever I look at the glorious image of a Nativity scene, my heart fills with love for our Holy Family. It reminds me that when Jesus came into this world, He faced poverty, injustice and suffering. At the time of His birth, Jesus’ parents were homeless, cold and hungry… searching for shelter in Bethlehem. Despite their circumstances, Mary and Joseph carried a profound faith in their hearts that our loving God would take care of them and help them through every adversity.

This Christmas, we see many people facing adversity. From poverty, natural disasters, illness and economic difficulties… to the effects of a continuing pandemic, many people’s lives have been touched by heartache and despair.

I’m here to remind you that Mary and Joseph are the perfect example of hope… hope that came from their conviction that God was always with them, guiding their path and promising that He would never abandon them. I remind you, too, that God’s only Son, Jesus Christ, is born to bring light to us all by His life and Good News!

May our Holy Family’s deep and abiding trust in God’s Will fortify your faith, and may the infant Jesus shine a light of hope and promise on your life at Christmas and every day of the year!

Our Pallottine priests and brothers would like to give you the most precious gift we have to give – the gift of prayer. Please let us pray for you and for the intentions that are closest to your heart. Simply send us your requests. We are honored to pray for St. Jude’s powerful intercession in bringing your prayer requests before God.

If you, or someone you love, could use St. Jude’s incredible intercession, particularly during this Holy Season, please let us help. Maybe a friend or family member is battling a serious illness or an addiction. Or do you have a family member who is searching for employment… or needs comfort during a time of loss. No matter what circumstances you are struggling with, please let us help.

Our cherished patron Saint has brought help and hope to thousands of people around the world. Just a few of the many testimonials we receive weekly are shown here. You, too, can receive hope and healing… St. Jude is always ready to bring hope into your life.

I had a large blood clot in my leg which was operated on, but then the other leg got one. I was operated on again and remained in the hospital for 4 months. I was told that I could not go home for Christmas. The hole in my leg was the size of a silver dollar and infection could set in. I wanted to be with my five kids and husband for Christmas, so I prayed to St. Jude all night long. The next morning, the doctor came in to check on me and could not believe what he saw. He called the other doctors in to see. The hole in my leg was now only the size of a dime. Overnight, it happened! They showed my husband how to care for the small hole, and I was allowed to go home. It was the best Christmas ever! Thank you, St. Jude! – Anonymous

My son is friends with Jonathan, a religious brother that just recovered from cancer. Jonathan was exposed to a person with Covid. Even though he did not have symptoms, his rapid test came back positive. We were so worried because his immune system was not fully recovered. We all prayed to St. Jude. Three days later, his full test came back negative. Our prayers were answered, and Jonathan is doing great with his cancer recovery. Thank you Jesus and St. Jude! – Leslie

I was in financial ruins. I had a nice job, but the pay wasn’t much, and my husband had not worked since before Christmas. We were about to lose our house. I prayed to St. Jude, and in no time, my husband was working, and we no longer needed to sell our house. We credit this all to St. Jude. I thank him with all my heart. – Donna

As we welcome your intentions, I ask that you open your heart to include a Christmas offering for our ministries of hope in 54 countries around the world. Your gift of $15, $25, $35, $50 or more will provide tangible relief aid, such as food, medicine, clean drinking water and shelter… along with the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

Thank God for the Child of Bethlehem, thank God for the blessings of friends and family, and thank God for you! We are blessed to have you as a partner to bring love and hope to the poor!

May your Christmas be filled with the hope of our Newborn King!

Wishing you the Hope of our Savior,    

Fr. Peter Sticco, S.A.C.
Novena Director

P.S. Please send your prayer requests along with your most generous gift today. I will make sure your prayer requests are remembered in the prayers, Novenas and Masses at our Shrine and on the tomb of St. Jude in the Vatican.