St. Jude

The Power of St. Jude

Dear Friend of St. Jude, Lately I’ve been receiving a lot of letters from people who are overwhelmed with troubling circumstances in their lives.       I’ve also been receiving many letters from people who asked for St. Jude’s intercession in their lives and received it. Here are a few examples…  I have prayed to St. Jude…

Peruvian Sisters cropped

Help for Our Pallottine Sisters in Peru

Dear Friend of St. Jude, Your compassion for the poor is an indescribable blessing! Thank you for faithfully serving Christ who comes to us in the poor.     I hope you will open your heart again for our Pallottine Sisters and Fathers who serve in an impoverished and spiritually broken community of Peru. Sister Chetna, Sister…

Father Manoel

Emergency Help Needed in Peru

Dear Friend of St. Jude,  I need your urgent help for one of our Pallottine priests who “travels on a wing and a prayer” every day. Father Manoel Vierira wrote to me recently requesting emergency help to purchase a reliable vehicle. You see, Father Manoel serves deep in the Andes Mountains of Peru, where he…

Christmas at St. Jude Shrine

See the Face of Jesus in our Neighbors

Dear Friend of St. Jude, Thank you so very much for your faithful support of our Pallottine priests and brothers and our mission to serve the poor. Your works of mercy in St. Jude’s name have been an answer to the prayers of so many hopeless people around the world. As I reflect on Pope…

St Jude Petitions

The Feast Day Celebration of St. Jude

Dear Friend of St. Jude, You are a treasured member of our St. Jude Shrine family, and I would like you to be part of our Celebration of the Feast of St. Jude. I invite you to attend one of the special Masses at the Nationwide Center of St. Jude Devotions in Baltimore beginning on…


Powerful Testimonies to St. Jude

Dear Friend of St. Jude, Your generosity continues to help us bring Christ’s love to the poor and minister to all those seeking hope. You are a special blessing for us! Thank you! St. Jude reminds us that we grow strong in our faith when we pray to the Holy Spirit. He tells us to…


Dire Emergency in Nigeria and Cameroon

Dear Friend of St. Jude, We have a dire emergency in one of the most dangerous and violent places in the world and desperately need your help for our Pallottine missionaries who are serving there. Father John Ndidi, a Pallottine priest, begs for our help for the Pallottine mission in the Cameroon-Nigerian Region in Africa….

St. Jude's face

The Key to Realizing Hope

Dear Friend of St. Jude, “Do not let not your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid!” Jesus said to St. Jude shortly before dying on the cross. He was trying to help settle St. Jude’s troubled mind. Later, Jesus made an even bigger announcement: “If in my name you ask me…