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The Adventures of LEO & FELICITY
Follow these two courageous characters as they search for their answers to the Millennium and journey towards the Jubilee. Start your adventure and theirs HERE.

Journey To The Jubilee
(The Coloring Book)
Now YOU can download each scene from Leo and Felicity's "Journey to the Jubilee" adventure. Just click on the cover to start coloring them the way you want.

Q:Who is St. Jude?
A:St. Jude was a friend and cousin of Jesus, the son of God. He was asked by Jesus, the son of God, to be one of his special followers called an apostle. Like all apostles, St. Jude was sent to let people know about Jesus, the son of God. After he died he was called a saint (St.)

What is a saint?
A:A saint is a person who lived trying to be like Jesus, the son of God, and letting others know about him. A saint is a person who lives in heaven with God.

Q:What is an apostle?
A:An apostle is a person chosen by Jesus, the son of God. An apostle is sent by Jesus, the son of God, into the world to tell them about his Good News. His Good News is that all are called to live a good life here on earth and to live always with God in heaven.

Q:How many apostles does Jesus, the son of God, have?
A:Jesus, the son of God, chose twelve people to be his special and first apostles. St. Jude was one of these people. The others were Andrew, Bartholemew, James the Great, James the Less, John, Judas Iscariot, Jude (also known as Thaddeus), Matthew, Peter, Philip, Simon, and Thomas. Even though they were not chosen directly by Jesus, the son of God, but are mentioned in the Bible as apostles, Matthias and Paul.

Q:Are we apostles, too?
A:We can be like the apostles because we too are chosen by Jesus, the son of God, to be like him and let others know about him. We are also asked by Jesus, the son of God, like the apostles, to bring healing and hope to others.

Q:Can we be saints?
A:If we live like an apostle, then at the end our lives we will be able to live forever with God in heaven and could be called a saint. Some people are officially called saints by the Catholic Church. These are special people that the Catholic Church believes for sure are in heaven. The Pope in a special ceremony called a canonization, lets the world know about these people who lived like Jesus, the son of God, let others know about him and brought healing and hope to others as well.

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