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The St. Jude Shrine is located in Baltimore, Maryland, and has been staffed and operated by the Pallottine Fathers and Brothers for over 80 years. The Shrine was entrusted to the Pallottines by the Archbishop of Baltimore in 1917. Around the outset of World War II, devotion to St. Jude was reaching meaningful proportions and so it was decided to establish regular novena services.

    At first the Novena Services attracted only the local parishioners, but in a short time it became a city-wide Center where people of all walks of life came to pray to St. Jude. It was not long before the Shrine was known beyond the city limits of Baltimore, and people from the suburbs-in increasing numbers-began coming to the Shrine every Wednesday. This increase made it necessary to have four Novena Servies every Wednesday.

    Today this Shrine is a nationwide Center of St. Jude Devotions. People from every section of the United States keep in touch with the Shrine by mail.

    They send their petitions to the Shrine regularly so that they can be prayed for at the Perpetual Novena Services.

    Those who cannot come to the Novena Services can always request the Novena Booklet which is available free-of-charge. This enables them to say the Novena Prayers privately at home while their intentions are faithfully remembered at the Perpetual Novena Services at the Shrine.

    Every year thousands of people enroll themselves and their loved ones-living and deceased-in the League of St.Jude. Benefits of membership include a rememberance in: 100 Masses offered each year (a Novena of Masses offered each month), and all the Perpetual Novena Services at the Shrine. Enrollments can be annual or perpetual for both individuals or an entire family (husband, wife and children).

    Each year, in addition to the Perpetual Novena Services every Wednesday, three Solemn Novenas in honor of St. Jude are celebrated at the Shrine. A few weeks before each Solemn Novena, a notice is mailed to the friends of St. Jude whose names are registered at the Shrine.

    The Shrine treasures all letters that acknowledge favors received through the powerful intercession of St. Jude.

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